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Carentan Remembers !
For 75 years, Carentan, its inhabitants and all adjacent villages part of the june 1944 battlefield, reflect, celebrate and honor the sacrifices both civilian and military paid for the definitive liberation from Nazi occupation on June 13th 1944. The 76th anniversary of those dramatic yet glorious and inspiring moments shall not take place. But that does not imply for the multitude that every year travels to Normandy from all over the world that this date will fall into oblivion. As the sun will rise on June 6th, our thoughts and gratitude will flow towards all those young men and women who freely came and gave their lives for our freedom. This web site is dedicated to them. It will act like an open window on the past events, historical and commemorative days that took place in Carentan. Yes indeed, Carentan se souvient.
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